Valley Stream Informational Town Hall Session

On September 8th, 2021 Vincent Grasso announced a discussion on the MRTA and its impact on the local community. He touted an "industry leader" would be there to lead the discussion. Upon entering the meeting Mr. Grasso lead off with a sloppy introduction of the MRTA while calling second round (and later) applications "cut-rate, third-rate, businesses". The industry leader was Green Thumb Industries (GTI). GTI is a large company that is publicly traded. Their entire presentation was basically a pitch to allow for them to open in the Valley Stream community. Not a single slide showed screenshots of the MRTA, let alone excerpts or language from the MRTA. In fact, we do not think the representatives brought up the MRTA at all until the floor was open to discussion. Please take a look at their slides below and formulate your own opinion. It is very important for you and your local community to come together and stand for what the people want for their community and not leave it to the government officials. We must hold our elected officials accountable!